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\BOOKMARK [1][-]{Doc-Start}{Standard QSO}{}% 1
\BOOKMARK [2][-]{section*.1}{Calling CQ}{Doc-Start}% 2
\BOOKMARK [2][-]{section*.1}{Answering a CQ}{Doc-Start}% 3
\BOOKMARK [1][-]{section*.1}{Common abbreviations}{}% 4
\BOOKMARK [1][-]{section*.1}{Common prosigns}{}% 5
\BOOKMARK [1][-]{section*.1}{Common procedural prosigns}{}% 6
\BOOKMARK [1][-]{section*.1}{Common Q Signals}{}% 7
\BOOKMARK [1][-]{section*.1}{QRP activity centres}{}% 8
\BOOKMARK [2][-]{section*.2}{QRP-Clubs}{section*.1}% 9
\BOOKMARK [1][-]{section*.2}{FISTS activity centres}{}% 10
\BOOKMARK [1][-]{section*.2}{SKCC activity centres}{}% 11
\BOOKMARK [1][-]{section*.2}{QRS activity centres}{}% 12
\BOOKMARK [1][-]{section*.2}{International Beacons}{}% 13
\BOOKMARK [1][-]{section*.2}{NCDXF/IARU Beacon Network}{}% 14
\BOOKMARK [1][-]{section*.2}{ARRL CW Code Practice}{}% 15